Transition to Community Employment Program

We are young adults in a dynamic, one year work readiness program developed by The Arc of Luzerne County. Our classes are held at Luzerne County Community College and we gain valuable work experience with area employers. Our journey to employment and greater independence is documented here through blogging, photos, and The TRACE Show. For more information on the program, please check out the About page. 


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The TRACE Show

"My favorite part of TRACE is coming to class and listening to the teachers. I enjoy learning about workplace skills." - Larry

Latest Site Activity

michael allen macdonald

I get along with jamie doreen kera and mckenzie at Salvation Army very well I help them with clothes and shoes there my best friends there very helpful.I bond with them mostly with doreen and terra she’s my best friend since middle school now we work together I also help tresa’s granddaughter chrissie with the glass cups.

by michael allen macdonald

Nicole Bozek

I think i’m doing better now than c couple weeks ago, because I was having problems with them. I kept it inside me, so a week ago I was going to quit the TRACE program. I had a meeting, we talked about it and now I made up my mind to go back. I think it all good now.

by Nicole Bozek